What We Believe

Statement of Faith

bibleWe believe that Jesus is God’s Son, a Savior to those who will receive Him as Lord, the answer to our guilt, and our example for living. Jesus, as the Son of God, is the foundation upon which all we preach and teach find their authority and meaning.

We believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word, absolutely necessary for our study and application. We have no creed but Christ; no book but the Bible.

We believe there is but one Church, made up of all those who are personally related to God through His Son Jesus. We encourage the unity of all Christians and believe that this unity can be achieved when love for Christ is greater than love for man-made traditions. We do not claim to be the only Christians, but strive to be Christians only.

side_people_2We believe that real Christian unity is found within the diversity of its members. We are made up of Christians of many different church backgrounds, including those with no church background at all. In regards to race, families of many different backgrounds worship and serve Christ side by side. Having Christ in common is what makes the church, builds relationships, and strengthens our families and our community. At Kansas Christian Church, we describe ourselves as a “Christ-centered, Bible-teaching, and Independent Christian Church in accordance with the Restoration Movement.”

Christ-centered refers to the Lordship or authority of Jesus Christ. We Believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and that our church belongs to Him. Upon that confession of faith, individual commitments are made and our congregation is built. (Matthew 16:15-18)

Bible-teaching refers to our belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Our teaching finds its authority not in psychology, philosophy, or popular opinion, but in the timeless truth of Scripture. Most who attend our worship services also find a Bible class to attend where they can grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. (2 Timothy 2:15 and 3:16)

Independent Christian Church refers to the fact that we are a locally autonomous (we have no denominational affiliation) congregation. Men divide the Church with denominational labels, names, and creeds, which is confusing to most. Our goal is not to lead people to be any specific denominational Christian (“Baptist” Christian, “Catholic” Christian, “Presbyterian” Christian, “Charismatic” Christian, etc.) but to be simply Christians. Though we are a locally autonomous congregation, there are many other churches like ours.

How do we identify with the Restoration Movement? We simply strive to make the Church in the New Testament our model; rather than the traditions and creeds that are found outside the Bible. For example, our leadership structure reflects practices found in the Bible. We practice baptism by immersion of adult believers as is found in the New Testament. (Acts 2:36-38, Mark 16:16) And we offer “The Lord’s Supper” each week as an open communion for all believers. (Luke 22:19, Acts 20:7) Our doctrine and practice is determined by the question, “What did the Church in the New Testament practice?”